About Us


At JustBeInHarmony, our mission is to help you reduce your footprint on the environment and lead a low-waste, low-impact life. We aim to offer sustainable, reusable and ethically-sourced, everyday products that are a substitute for single-use disposables and plastics.

We strive to curate the best quality products that have only minimal and necessary packaging. We only work with like-minded, who care about the environment as much as you do.

We want to drive individuals and families to adopt a sustainable mindset when it comes to their purchases. We should start thinking about everything we own and buy, if we really need it, where it comes from, who made it and what becomes of it when we’re done using it.

We hope that some day, a cleaner and greener way of living becomes engrained in each individual’s mindset. ‘Bring Your Own Bag’ or ‘Zero-waste’ should not be movements followed by a minority, but become a mainstream phenomena for the masses.

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